Nacmias Car Care Center

Welcome to Nacmias Car Care Center,  we equipped with the best equipment and high performance car care products , this assures your vehicle an incredible aesthetic state.

“Your second home is none other than your car

It is certain that your second home is none other than your car. The interior of your car welcomes you, accommodates you and transports you to a private environment that reflects your design of an interior adapted to your taste. An interior that must be clean and well maintained, and that can accommodate guests from time to time. The interior of a car tends to look old with time. This is naturally due to the friction, wear and deterioration of the original fabric color of the seats, and the plastic of the dashboard.

Our Car Care Services Includes:

  • Cleaning the roof sky 
  • Deep cleaning of carpets and rugs 
  • Deep cleaning of seats (fabrics or alcantara) 
  • Deep cleaning of the boot 
  • Cleaning and care of leather seats 
  • Cleaning and care of the leather interior 
  • Deep cleaning of plastics 
  • Plastics protection 
  • Window cleaning 
  • Waterproofing of carpets 
  • Protection of noble materials (carbon, wood, etc …)

We select for you the best brands of products because we collaborate exclusively with the best suppliers. We also offer our experience in maintenance at all levels, and focus on every detail, since it is in the detail in fact where lies the pinnacle of perfection.

  • Auto Repair
  • Body Shops
  • Car Dealers
  • Car Wash
  • Gas & Services Stations
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  • Traditional
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User Reviews

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Amateur 33 ratings

Disgusting service

(2/5) By Melisa on 13 March, 2018

Disgusting service! came in for a simple headlight swap, took them the whole day to do it and when I got home I realized my cooling tank was broken and leaking everywhere, fenders were popped because they didn't remove my front bumper to remove the headlights. That's the right way to do it for my vehicle and the lights were not installed properly, drl's were not wired properly and won't light up, they didn't even snake the light cable through the seal, both headlights fogged up next day. This was the most incompetent and lazy service I've ever had.

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Amateur 33 ratings

Make my day Awesome!!

(4/5) By Alex on 12 March, 2018

I can honestly say it was the best experience I have ever had at any premium automobile service center. I dealt with a gentlemen by the name of Freddy Chan. He was polite, professional, honest, down to earth. get a great service for my car. would like to recommend.

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